The VERTEX Group Consortium is a global association of independent certified automotive spare parts manufacturers.

VERTEX Group has an aim to replace the global premium auto parts brands from local markets with alternative brands that are equal in quality and completely satisfied needs of customers as for main product groups.

VERTEX Group creates sustainable supply chains, commits partnership obligations and increases the transparency of the product value creation process.
More than value.
Schatz (translated from German as der Schätz - treasure) are the premium auto parts as for the suspension segments, braking system, steering and auto chemicals.

German Engineering School and quality control system is the benchmark for the organization of industrial factories. Experience of European engineers makes possible to develop and apply the best solutions in the production cycle of automotive components. This knowledge and competence make it possible to reach the outstanding results.
Tamashi (translated from Japanese as 魂 - soul) is an innovative engine oils, lubricants and spare parts for modern cars.

Inspired by the Japanese production concept of continuous improvement (lean manufacturing), Tamashi offers the best products demanded by consumers. The constant commitment to excellence and value to the user make it possible to implement the highly effective operations and processes in order to achieve the best quality.
VERTEX Group is a legal Tamashi and Schatz brands owner on the territory of the Russian Federation
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